Modify existing data in a custom Odoo 9 module

In my recent Odoo installation I needed to change some predefined data in multiple databases, so I decided to create a custom module that applies the changes to every database I choose to install it. One way to do this is by using SQL statements directly.
I used this instructions to create a new module.
After that I added the SQL statements to a file data/data.sql in the module directory:

UPDATE res_country SET address_format=E'%(street)s\n%(street2)s\n%(zip)s %(city)s %(state_code)s' WHERE code = 'AT';
UPDATE res_lang SET date_format = '%d.%m.%Y' WHERE code = 'de_DE';

This instructions change the address_format for Austria and the date_format for the german language.
Now reference the new file in your

'data': [
    # 'security/ir.model.access.csv',

The SQL instructions while be executed every time the module is installed/updated.